February 2011 – ‘One Day’

One Day, by David Nicholls

This is where all the discussion takes place. In case you haven’t already heard, this month’s book is David Nicholl’s One Day. You can reserve a copy free of charge from any Brent library. To join in, simply leave your comments below. Tell us what you thought of the book and respond to what others think…

What did you think of the central Charecters? Would you read more from this author? What made you keep Reading?

  1. This book is a brilliant read. A modern take on love, very witty and funny and since the setting is in UK itself, the familiarity of the places like Hampstead Heath park makes it even more interesting to imagine the characters, the places and makes it an interesting read that you would love to turn back the pages and reread the lines. Very engaging and my favorite book.

    • I would never recommend this book to anyone! So many people gave this rave reviews, were they reading the same book?
      In a nutshell, it follows the story of a woman who is obssessed with a student she met and slept with on her last night at University. They go their separate ways, with the fellow bedding every girl he meets, and the girl trying to make a life whilst wishing she could be with this bedhopping creep. Their paths cross from time to time and he even sleeps with her sometimes (what a heel)! That is the story in a nutshell.
      I have not finished it yet, but have had a sneaky look at the end because I am finding it hard to want to read on!!
      I don’t think it has a ‘happy ending’!
      I cannot understand what is so great about a woman continuing to want, and continually cheapening herself with a real selfish cad of a man.
      For me, this is not an enjoyable story at all!
      Please tell me if i am wrong, or missing somthing because i just don’t get it?! Best Book of 2010?!

  2. I am in agreement with you Emma – Dex is a prat. I do like this book though. In fact this book is interfering with my sleep. It was 1.30 this morning when i finally got some shut eye.

    What do you think of Anne Hathaway playing Em in the film?

  3. I am only half way through it at the moment and I must admit that so far, I am enjoying it very much. I agree that at the moment Dexter is not exactly a knight in shining armour, but he does seem to have some self awareness that he is a bit of a prat ( I was going to use a stronger word , but I’m not sure if I would be allowed ;-). It’s not a book that’s going to change the world, but I am finding it very enjoyable and can identify with a lot of what is happening to Em. I suspect that nothing very earth shaking is going to happen in the second half, but even so I am enjoying the ride. I wasn’t aware that there is a film in the offing – but Anne Hathaway seems a bit ‘Hollywood’ to play Em…

  4. ‘I suspect that nothing very earth shaking is going to happen in the second half.’ Blimey how wrong can you be! Didn’t see that coming…
    Brave decision on the author’s part. I thought it was all very believeable and though probably wouldn’t be my choice for ‘book of the year’I did really enjoy it.

  5. I really enjoyed the book and liked the way the characters were so different to each other. dex was a prat but i agree that he knew that! he was flawed and suffered because of it. Poor Em! what a way to go! Although I really enjoyed the book i don’t know about it being an award winner. I don’t know if i trust these ‘awards’ and would be interested to know the criteria they use for deciding their winner!

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