July 2011 – ‘Jack and Jill’

Jack and Jill is the disturbing tale of a small boy Jack and his devoted sister. Nobody has ever heard Jack speak, except Jill. They communicate in a secret language that nobody can understand. The book had us gripped when  Jack witnesess an incident. We want to know whether this is the trigger that will finally move Jack to speak.

What do you think to Jill’s Character?

Did you feel sympathetic towards Jack and Jill’s Mum? 

Did you find yourself being transported to life in the country as a result of the well written evocations of rural life?

What did you think of the end of the book?

  1. This is a very moving and intriguing short story. Cavendish has an amazing ability to draw you in right from the start. I found myself speculating on the reasons for Jack’s self imposed silence throughout the book and then constantly changing my mind as new revelations and behaviours manifested.
    I was thoroughly convinced by Jill as an angry, frustrated and confused 11 year character as she tried to interpret the strange looks and behaviours of those adults closest to her and Jack. Jill’s devotion to Jack and her determination to find out the truth concerning her murderous father was well managed and sensitively portrayed.
    In comparison, their mother appeared weak and insensitive, although she obviously thought she was protecting her children from the horrible truth. However, how can ignorance be bliss when a child has stopped speaking and an older sibling has taken over the supporting role of her mother?
    A great read!!

  2. When I saw the book’s cover I thought it must be an interesting story and the two children so naturally pictured and close to each other really invited me to read it.
    Jill is Jack’s sister who loves and understands her brother more than everyone else. Jack does not talk but he is not deaf. He knows exactly what is happening around him and the only person who puts him into contact with the outside world is Jill.
    She is only 11 but sometimes she seems older because she is taking on board those mother’s duties her mother supposed to put into practice.
    That is why I have the impression the mum delegates to Jill all the hard job to try to comminicate with Jack. I wanted to know more about the mum and her daily life. We do not know a lot.
    The story engages the reader from the beginning to the end. From a sense of mistery to an optimistic conclusion of the story. I had the feeling I was there with them, at the farm or when they were going back to London by car.
    Jack and Jill is a Quick Read but really well written. The story is touching and hope there will be more books like this one.
    It is a big book that I hope helped many ‘put off reders’ to pick up a book and read again.
    I met the author, Lucy Cavendish, at Willesden Green Library in occasion of the 6 Book Challenge Celebration. Pleasant and lovely lady to talk to.
    I highly recommend the book!

  3. jack and Jill

    By Lucy Cavendish

    Ihad the prililege to read Jack and Jill book written by the author Lucy Cavendish

    It is a very disturbing tale about a young boy and his devoted sister, also well written ,easy to read and easy to understand.

    To my understanding I think Jack was a very bubbling and very chatting, but suddenly he saw a man through the window getting out a van, pulling a long and slim body through the back of his trunk,to Jack knowledge the man was his father.

    There was a boy called Dick, when he heard that Jack and Jill are on holiday on the farm visiting their auntie and their uncle he ask if he could see them and made friend with them.

    I have the impression that Jack’s father discovered that his little son found out what happened and Jack was scared that his father could hurt.

    In my opinion I think could speak but because of the threat of his father he kept silent, and when he used to communicate to his sister he always used sign language.

    In the end people started to talk about the two little ones. But at the end it was Dick who was the Master Mind and played his detective role just like Colombo search.

    Dick took Jill in her auntie’s attic house where they found boxes full of news papers and at that time they started searching for clues. Bingo!!!The mistery was solved also their uncle had to tell them the truth that their father was a murderer.

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